Outdoor Compound

The Outdoor Compound was built and designed for both the experienced and resourceful outdoor enthusiast, and those new to the outdoors. The Outdoor Compound provides users with extraordinary interactive scouting capabilities through private scouting maps, regional rut activity, location specific weather, and much more – all for free.

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Scouting Maps

Create detailed scouting maps of your favorite hunting and fishing locations.

Trophy Room

Store photos from your outdoor adventures or share them with other Outdoor Compound users.

Outfitter Search Engine

Find the outfitter that best fits your needs with Outdoor Compound’s Outfitter Search Engine.

It’s Free and Private

The Outdoor Compound is 100% free, no credit cards are required. Also, all locations and icons you add to your personal scouting map can only be viewed by you, unless you decide to share them with other users.


Quickly and easily organize and access scouting maps of all of your favorite hunting and fishing locations.

Location Specific Weather

Will it rain today? Stay one step ahead of Mother Nature with detailed weather forecasts specific to your custom locations.


With over 275 hunting and fishing related icons, interactive scouting will never be the same. You can also share your scouting icons with your hunting and fishing buddies so that the icons will be displayed on their own personal scouting maps.

Icon Data Forms

With options to attach additional info/data to the scouting map icons, the details of your outdoor adventures and scouting trips, along with the specifics of your successful hunting and fishing trips, are just a click away.

Regional Tips

With experience chasing everything from whitetail deer to alligator, black bear to moose, largemouth bass to rainbow trout, the staff of the Outdoor Compound provides reliable regional tips to help you succeed during your next outdoor adventure.

Regional Activity

What’s working in your area? See what other Outdoor Compound users are doing to be successful in your area.

State Seasons

Stay up-to-date with upcoming seasons in States where you hunt and fish.

Outfitter Scouting Maps

Once you are a client, Outfitters have the option to share the details of their operations including harvest updates, trail camera pictures and much more through their shareable scouting maps.

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